Refining Search Results

Refining Search Results

By default, a site-wide search returns results with the desired term or phrase found either in the metadata and/or in any full-text transcript. To refine your results, try applying one or more filters.  

  • Search type –  Only displays when a search has been run. De-select either "Metadata" or "Full text" to limit results to the other.
  • File type –  Available formats display
  • Date range – Supply as much detail as desired; only returns records with numerical dates
  • Repository – Limits results to either Special Collections (Digital) or the Institutional Repository (Academic)

Like Repository, the Collections, Format and Type filters present a list of terms based on metadata. Click the arrow on the right to view the list of terms and make your selections. The number displayed beside the arrow indicates the number of available terms. The number displayed in the circle to the right of the filter name indicates the number of terms selected.


Note: Filter options may differ on collection pages.


Be sure to click ‘Apply’ to refresh your results.