Histories of Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Library
A Brief History of Texas Wesleyan College
Dissertation submitted to partially fulfill the requirements for a degree in Doctor of Education at Colorado State College of Education Greely, Colorado.
An Invitation to Invest 1946
Introduction by Dr. Law Sone; Written to ensure the future of the University and that it kept up with the future needs of the city; Lists Members of the Building Committee on page 10; Endowment needs, Building plans and projections, List members of the Board of Trustees page 42, Lists past investors, Chronological History of Texas Wesleyan College 1890-1946.
History of Polytechnic College
Dissertation presented to the faculty of the Graduate School of Southern Methodist University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts with major in Education.
Texas Wesleyan College in World War II
Description of Texas Wesleyan College particularly concerning the class of 1941, Description of the college before World War II, TWC at the outbreak of war a look at the students, how the war effected life on the college, football team enters armed service, CPT Courses inaugurated into TWC, Military graduation, racial and religious tolerance in war, making of TWC service flags, memorial services, rams lost, Appendix Service Roll